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Creating a universal
Ecosystem for value
transfer networks

GEO Protocol is on a [mission] to empower Internet of Value by creating a universal value transfer ecosystem. GEO Protocol is an open-source base layer protocol for cost-efficient, lightweight and infinitely scalable value transfer, merging blockchain and traditional finance worlds together.

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GEO Protocol solves an existing problem of siloed networks by creating a [universal] infrastructural layer for seamless inter-network transactions. Local consensus and absence of common ledger let GEO overcome throughput, speed and cost limitations that the blockchain industry is currently facing.

GEO Protocol provides full atomicity for multi-ledger networks, allows to conduct complex transactions atomically with several assets and implements post-quantum cryptography for long-term sustainability.

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GEO Protocol Ecosystem stats:


10 000

nodes installed


12 000

active payment channels


300 000

transactions done

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In order to provide as much [information] about the GEO Protocol as possible, we decided to launch a series of educational videos about technologies and algorithms used in the GEO network.


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Max Demyan

Max Demyan

Founder and CEO

  • More than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience that spans investment and portfolio management, corporate finance, history of money, payment systems, and decentralized technology
  • Focuses on P2P networks, building distributed organizations, tokenomics, off-chain technologies, and Teal Teams
  • Founder of TOR-BA, a chain of supermarkets, and the accounting firm Poslike — combined annual sales of $50 million
  • Master’s in Economics
Dima Chizhevsky

Dima Chizhevsky

Co-founder, Chief System Architect

  • Experienced open-source activist, cryptanalyst, and systems architect
  • Specializes in secure decentralized and distributed systems, P2P protocols, payment processing, and network systems
  • Former Head, Google Developers Group, Ukraine
  • Lecturer, Python and modern databases, at Ukraine National University
  • Master’s in Computer Science
Mykola Ilashchuk

Mykola Ilashchuk

Core Developer/System Architect

  • 15 years of experience software development, mathematical and computer modeling, cryptography, numerical algorithms, machine learning/AI/neural networks
  • Published author of articles on computer modeling, and computational methods
  • Master’s in Computer Science
Vadym Nesterenko

Vadym Nesterenko

Product Manager

  • Master’s degree in Management
  • Fields of interest: Distributed Ledger Technologies, Decentralized Finance, Token Engineering, DAO, Economics, Fintech
  • Former research analyst at Blaize,
    a blockchain research and development company
  • Former investment analyst at TaaS Fund, a tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets
  • A Layer 2 community builder